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Who we are...

Based in South Africa, we're an importer and retailer of airsoft gear. New stock arrives monthly. We don't wholesale... instead, we're able to provide you, the avid airsoft enthusiast, with the coolest airsoft gear at fantastic prices. As you can see, we're setup for eCommerce... stock comes in and moves out fast... so check back regularly for updates on new products coming in or drop us an email should you have any questions. We are able to deliver door-to-door to most parts of South Africa at very affordable rates.

Available stock?

Stock is in South Africa and available to purchase. Although we allocate stock to the website and try our very best to show what is available or not, items do sell in store and stock quantities may take time to reflect online. You'll notice when you place an order, the details will first be sent through to us for confirmation - we'll then send you through a proforma invoice confirming the items requested are indeed available, together with the various payment options available.

Official APS Distributor

APS Limited, formerly known as APS Airgun Ltd, was established in 2001 and specializes in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation).  With the knowledge and experience gained from the manufacture of Real Action Markers and Projectiles, APS then launched a new airsoft product line. Even though their airsoft products are made in China, all the design, quality control and Board of Directors are managed by staff in Hong Kong. This means higher quality at a lower price.  Click on the APS logo to take you to our online store.

Why APS?

Why APS? With APS porting their SDU2.0 Electronic Gear Box to most AEG rifles in their current range, their quality and performance has taken a serious step up (see all rifles with product codes starting with "2E" (codes starting with "E" have SDU1.0 chips which do not have the extra firing modes, but do have the micro switch trigger). A Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit that works together with a magnetic gear set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger, that gives you instant trigger response when shooting. The circuit board is replaceable and programmable. Repairing is easy and user friendly. Simple pressing of a button underneath the gear box, users can switch between firing mode selections (5 different modes). No external device or trigger controls are needs, it's easy to program anytime and anywhere by the user.

24/3/2022 - New Product in Stock

EMG Barrett Fieldcraft Sniper

We received a small restock, including the very impressive licensed Barrett Fieldcraft bolt action rifle from EMG!

APS Phantom Extremis Mark VI

Phantom Extremis MK6

Looking for an incredible CQB or speedsoft aeg rifle? Check out the APS Phantom Extremis MK6 - full metal upper & lower receiver, metal front rail mount. We took it for a test run earlier this month - the micro switch trigger is extremely responsive with the SDU2.0 trigger unit. The spring loaded PDW style stock has more space for batteries than many competing style rifles and we had no problem running an 11.1v 1100mAh stick Lipo with dean's connector. The "Sound Blaster B" muzzle acts as an amplifier and gives the MK6 a distinctly load crack when firing. Athena flip up sights and polymer 300rnd M4 mag finish off the package. Chrono was 1.21 joules out the box with BLS 0.2g bb's so this should settle down nicely into the higher end of CQB (for fields that allow CQB up to 1.19 joules). Priced at R5599 - CHECK IT OUT!

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